Student Performance Assessment System


A large public-school system in South India runs 60,000+ schools with more than 6 million students. The customer wanted an Analytics System that can analyse the student, School and other related data on different dimensions so that effective interventions can be planned, and Student outcomes improved.


The student data was analysed an Analytics system was built using Vassar Analytics Platform on a Big Data architecture with a run time analysis and actionable insights on the following dimensions of the large dataset.

Student Assessment: Assessment data of the students is collated and bucketed into grade categories for view of the department officials. The various levels at which performance is tracked is as below:

  • Region
  • District
  • Division
  • Constituency
  • Division
  • Mandal(or Block)
  • Complex
  • School
  • Class

For all these levels, the performance can also be tracked by

  • Management type of the school
  • Subject
  • Class
  • Medium of Instruction
  • Academic Standards of a subject

Peer Analysis: The assessment data is further used to identify the spread of performance for all levels as above. The goal was to identify high performers or low performers to provide decision support for necessary interventions.

Interventions: The performance and peer analysis of student assessment is used to identify required interventions for students at all levels and management types of the school education system. Statistical intervention is performed based on comparative performance of the students in an assessment and identifies the students whose performance is significantly lower than the average performance of their peers. Analytical intervention allows the user to select any grade or grade point to see how many students fall in the bucket and need intervention- Positive or negative.

Trends:Allows Department to track the performance at all levels across assessments to understand trends and needed interventions.

Infrastructure:The infrastructure needs and sufficiency of the available infrastructure is calculated and collated by various functionary levels in this dashboard. All available infrastructure data is used to understand the state of the school and the student facilities.

Teacher Intervention:Various trainings are conducted for all teachers and the system helps in identifying school teachers in need of intervention with specific details about the Academic Standard/subject /Class.

Digital Classrooms


Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan of Andhra Pradesh manages 352 Kastuba Gandhi Balika Vidyala residential schools for girls from socially disadvantaged sections of the society. Many of these schools are in very remote areas and the department wanted to bring Digital Classrooms to help bring better content and teaching methods to all the students.


Sarva Shikha Abhiyaan in partnership with Railtel used Vassar labs solution for Digital Class Rooms to bring together a platform to

  • Upload and manage standardized digital content for different classes and subjects
  • An easy to use web interface for students and teachers to consume the content authentication mechanisms to provide right content to the right student/ teacher at the right time
  • Administrative modules to upload, edit, quality control and manage the content, support for different content types like videos, PPT’s, PDF’s , documents etc
  • Algorithms to provide adaptive learning which test the student based on the ability of the individual student and progressively improve the performance of the student.
  • Usage and other analytics to monitor the performance of digital classroom and track outcomes.
  • Ability for students and teachers to interact via conferencing facility so that there is a two-way communication
  • Expert teachers from one location can teach students from other schools via video conferencing

All students provided with standardized content and access to experienced teachers and proven and standardized teaching methodologies.