Technologies Used

Artificial Intelligence

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Anti-Counterfeit Solution with Customer Engagement using NFC RFID

Enables identification of products that have been tampered within the supply chain and  provides customer engagement wherein they can easily detect counterfeit products via android app.

Client name

Leading Logistic Company

Problem Statement

With digital transformation at its peak sometimes security is vulnerable leading to invalidation of products. Malware practices are rising giving into security threats. To curb these problems is the need of the hour and proper modules can be installed to detect such counterfeit products.  

Solution Offered

A solution which involves NFC RFID tag with a tamper loop is placed on products. Android app will identify counterfeit products, any person with an Android mobile phone could use the app to detect these tampered products. This anti-counterfeit technology helps render invalidity and eliminate duplicate products from the market. This solution also increases customer engagement by enabling them to report fakes via smartphones.


The system continuously monitors for anomaly signals and sends alerts as soon as they surface, identifies products that have been tampered within the supply chain, provides customer engagement with android mobile app.


Integrated module leveraged unified visibility of all truck delivery related activities which ensured productivity and tracked real time performances that showed increase in efficiency.