Technologies Used

AI, GIS, IOT, Analytics, Crowdsourcing 

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APAIMS: Andhra Pradesh Agriculture Information Management and System

Agriculture Information and Management Systems (AIMS) is an integrated crop management system that provides decision support and raises advisories to stakeholders during the entire lifecycle of crop – from sowing to harvest.

Client name

Government of Andhra Pradesh

Problem Statement

The problems with the Agriculture sector, which stand in the way of realizing its full potential comes due to unscientific cropping pattern leading to occasional crop failure, reduced profits and GVA. Considerable crop losses due to lack of timely information on water availability and crop moisture stress. Lack of comprehensive view of the farmers, land holdings and crops sown for effective implementation and monitoring of benefits and schemes. 

Solution Offered

Agro climatic zone planning with the help of various static and dynamic input layers, raises advisories on best time to  sow crops based on soil moisture, weather parameters, crop phenology and historical success rates. Real-time crop stress monitoring, pest infestations, crop wise cultivated area and yield estimation for major crops. The solution also has added benefits catering to crop health monitoring and crop loss assessment. 


Unified farmer database, interactive way of  managing resources i.e. geo-tagging, smart dashboards, GIS & MIS reports providing insights to policy makers on crop zone planning, crop loss assessment, acreage of crops that are sown based on satellite imagery analysis. Early season drought detection classified areas as drought prone based on various indices. 


Proper crop planning showed a possible increase in GVA. Reduced hassel in harvesting, proper assessment of soil moisture led to better yield. High success rates were observed in cultivation compared to previous data.