Technologies Used

GIS, AI, Analytics, DSS

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APDIMS: Andhra Pradesh Disaster Information & Management System

Leveraging last mile visibility on strategic disaster management by enabling impact assessment and risk advisories catering to faster communication among authorities for efficient emergency management.

Client name

Govt. Of Andhra Pradesh

Problem Statement

Climate change has far-reaching implications for managing disaster risk as the frequency and intensity of flash floods, landslides, droughts, cyclones etc. are increasing but with advanced technology many of these problems can be curbed with timely forecasts and risk management decision support system. 

Solution Offered

A Unified & Authoritative Disaster Management system that automates and integrates all available data sources, so actions can be taken based on the latest most relevant data. The system integrates all modules and provides decision support for planning, operations and assessments. This module alerts authorities on extreme events by giving early warnings enabling efficient emergency management. 


Leveraged advisory bulletin, provided mobile based point information on GPS that further gave field validation of impact zones. Availed extreme weather based dynamic forecast, dissemination of alerts through mobile app, impact assessments of anticipated risk and smart decision support with actionable insights. 


Optimized risk mitigation with early warning systems and risk advisories. Key authorities were able to manage emergency situations more efficiently.