Technologies Used


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Harnessing technologies to automate the assessment of Ground Water resources for the state of Andhra Pradesh

Client name

Government of Andhra Pradesh

Problem Statement

For proper planning and management, assessment of ground water resources in volumetric terms is imperative. The ever rising water consumption at various levels has led to the extensive use of resources and often its overexploitation has caused a matter of concern.

Solution Offered

Developed a system to automate the assessment of Ground Water resource which is designed adhering to the prescribed methodology that is well-accepted by water resources departments. It lets the users enter data into the system in various user-friendly formats and also helps the users focus on interpretation of the output report rather than worrying about the formatting of the input data. Once the data is entered into the system for the assessment unit(s), the system computes the estimation of Ground Water Resources and provides a table report as well as GIS view to the end user that helps to analyze the report and take necessary steps.


An automated system for assessment, categorization and evaluation of water resources performing in near-real time that helps the users to see the report immediately without long wait times.


The solution helped analyze Inflow (recharge) components, Outflow (Draft) components, Stage of Ground Water Extraction components and categorizing areas as over-exploited, critical, semi critical or safe accordingly.