Technologies Used

IoT, AI,ML, Big data

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Harnessing AI/ML, IoT, and latest technologies to provide unified visibility into water resources in a single platform

Client name

Government of Andhra Pradesh

Problem Statement

There are various stakeholders that utilize, track, and manage water based on their capabilities and requirements in the state. This in turn leads to the different authorities working independently which may sometimes end up in conflicting situations in the time of crisis. Moreover, effective collaboration and process alignment among different authorities is difficult to achieve due to the operational inefficiencies arising out of fragmented IT systems.

Solution Offered

Developed one authoritative system for all water supply, demand and environmental factors, with a vision of making water related data accessible transparently in real-time for different stakeholders through an online GIS/MIS web-portal as well as seamlessly available through mobile, tablets etc.


A single, unified and an authoritative platform for comprehensive, authoritative and consistent data and information of water resources for the state of Andhra Pradesh rendering real-time visibility of water resources


The solution developed helped with better management by providing timely interventions, real time crop stress monitoring, planning assistance to irrigation activities, understanding drinking water stress etc.