Technologies Used

GIS, MIS, Machine Learning, Big data and analytics

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Using Big data, analytics and machine learning for Irrigation planning, Monitoring and Operation for command area

Client name

Government of Telangana

Problem Statement

There is a need to utilize all waters through a combination of efforts and bring them to drought prone and upland parched regions for  the benefit of Agricultural, Industrial, and drinking water needs of the state. There is a need for a decision support system which would help the department for efficient management of water resources to achieve better crop productivity in the command area and eliminate Inequitable distribution of water among the beneficiaries.

Solution Offered

The system developed helps in planning of water allocation in the canal command area based on crop pattern, actual crop sown, seasonal rainfall forecast, in-season weather forecast, actual rainfall and water supplied through canal system. The system is developed on Open-source software with GIS and Remote Sensing technologies which computes crop and irrigation water requirements. It also estimates the actual water demand in the next two weeks and for the entire season based on crop sown details, and crop water requirement to ensure equitable distribution of water all the way to the tail end and improve water use efficiency.


A system enables the department to supply water efficiently and helps increase crop productivity in the command area with equitable distribution of water among the beneficiaries.


The estimation of actual water demand helped the department with better allocation of water based as opposed to theoretical crop water requirement and ensured equitable distribution of water.