Technologies Used


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Digital Municipality

Empowering smooth city administrations with timely delivery of multiple municipal services through a single window

Client name

Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

Problem Statement

Most municipalities face problems like redundant systems,  limited budgets, poor prioritization of infrastructural development plans, weak grievance structure, high attrition etc. in addition it is challenging to meet service delivery expectations which calls out for an advanced system that gives comprehensive visibility into citizens’ views, preferences, grievances, city infrastructure and hygiene.

Solution Offered

An advanced, well-integrated governance and administration system based on digital technologies which provides multiple services through a single window. Unified visibility on city infrastructure, green cover, black spot monitoring, online transaction services (utility bills, issue of birth/death certificates, property tax etc.) and grievances redressal.


GIS survey data, mobile based applications gave point information, unified visibility leveraged proper monitoring of city infrastructure,  application specific geoportal improved service delivery, systematic collection of bills/taxes, interactive dashboards empowered authorities with actionable insights.


After implementation of the system there was an improvement in collection of utility bills and taxes. Citizen grievances logged an increase and improved cashless transactions.