Technologies Used

Drone analytics, Machine learning

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Drone based monitoring for city infrastructure

Leveraging drone based monitoring to ensure protection of city infrastructure

Client name

Government of Andhra Pradesh

Problem Statement

With developing cities at times there is a rise in unauthorize constructions, there is no proper assessment of city hygiene given manual interventions but curbing these problems is a must to implement sustainable developments for a city. Implementation of smart assessment models can solve these difficulties to a great extent given there can be continuous monitoring which will cite minute changes.

Solution Offered

The system automates workflow by leveraging drone based monitoring with proper assessments that sends alerts on unauthorize construction. The module also keeps a check on green cover monitoring with processed images and digital surface model (DSM) data from drone and classified using machine learning algorithms. Proper road quality assessments with the help of drone survey. The system also helps administrator identify unauthorize garbage dump.


Proper comparison of unauthorize construction basing on deviation from height, built-up area and road access width/offsets. Small, medium and large tree cover are identified from the processed images and digital surface model (DSM) data from drone. Bad patches and potholes on roads detected using Machine Learning algorithms on the images captured from drone survey. Periodical monitoring of garbage spots ensuring city hygiene.


Proper assessments led to improvement in infrastructure, lesser unauthorized construction and hygiene of the city was consistently maintained.