Technologies Used

GIS, AI, Machine Learning, Remote sensing

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Encroachment Monitoring

Empowers authorities to safeguard public assets, with near real time monitoring

Client name

ORSAC, Bhubaneswar

Problem Statement

In developing cities unauthorized land use poses a challenge for planned development since there is no structured process to identify a change and most of it goes unnoticed without action, citing loss of revenue from unauthorized building construction or encroachments relating to sensitive areas whose protection becomes difficult.

Solution Offered

AI/ML  based solution with combination of high resolution satellite imagery that helps safeguard land assets through continuous monitoring and improves productivity & performance with smart workflows & geo-informatics. The system enables protection of sensitive areas like, wetlands, water bodies, forests, mining, pipelines, floodplains, etc. and also assists with structured processes helping in planned development and minimizes revenue loss.


Unified workflow that brings stakeholders to single platform, taking alerts to their logical conclusion, geo-intelligent evidence generated via AI, further GIS dashboards leverages interactive visualization of land use change alerts, their status and custom reports. Mobile based workflow ensures actions being taken within the SLAs.


The encroachment removal workflow showed a visible improvement and increased efficacy. Structured processes helped authorities in planned development that minimized revenue loss