Technologies Used


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 Enabling flood forecasting using ML, IoT and flow modelling to mitigate the risks of flood


Client name

Govt. of Kerala

Problem Statement

Floods have devastating consequences that include environmental impacts, loss of life and property, crops damages in rural areas etc.. Flood forecasting renders visibility and helps with actionable insights to mitigate the flood hazards.

Solution Offered

Developed a system with accurate flood forecasting based on Machine Learning Algorithm improving visibility with basin or admin level visibility by leveraging GIS for Realtime inflow and empowered the decisions by managing flows with understating inflows in real time. Also, IoT, Hydrology & Hydraulic Modelling were utilized to enhance the system rendering greater insights.


An efficient flood forecasting system capable of advanced hydrologic forecasting to provide actionable information for flood warning


The solution helped minimizing the flood losses by initiating emergency contingency plans and prompt notice helped control gated dam water release, reducing damage to surrounding communities and ecosystems