Technologies Used

IoT, AI, Remote Sensing

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Inflow Forecast

Harnessing latest technologies like AI, IoT along with the remote sensing to render

Client name

Govt. of Telangana

Problem Statement

Recently, there have been many instances of floods that are essentially the result of lack of visibility into the information related to water inflows. Absence in the information related to the amount of water incoming into water conservation structures, or catchment areas and lack of any warning system leads to undesirable situations like flood.

Solution Offered

A solution has been developed using hydrological and mathematical models that assists  with actionable insights. It provides 4-48 hours of lead time using remote sensing in near real-time and uses IoT and Artificial Intelligence to render flood forecasting and early warning to the concerned authorities. This helps mitigate the risk of undesired situations by controlling the reservoir operations through the actionable insights.


A system assisting with visibility into the amount of water that will be incoming into the reservoirs, or catchment area over the next few days.


The solution helped timely planning based on the lead time provided through the system and avoided undesirable situations like flood by acting in a timely manner.