Technologies Used

IoT,  Big data and analytics

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Integrated Water Management System

 An Integrated water management system (Water balance sheet for the state) 

Client name

Government of Andhra Pradesh

Problem Statement

Understanding water resource supply is a complex matter and often requires considerable time. Planners need to understand how much water is present at any point in time, how much is received from various sources, how much is being used and what can be done to replenish groundwater aquifers for future.

Solution Offered

An Integrated Water management solution is developed to obtain a unified visibility across various water resources under one umbrella using Internet of things and machine learning. Installation of water level sensors at identified locations on a pilot basis was done and integration of real time data from the sensors into the dashboard with real time automatic updates of the data for the sensors installed was carried out.


A cloud based dashboard with real time visibility of water resource availability as well as giving detailed supply and demand level insights to plan and mange water resources


The solution helped with a decision support system to help in Optimized schedule of release of water from major, medium and minor irrigation projects.