Technologies Used

GIS, AI, IoT  

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Large Scale Lift Scheme Optimization

Managing deficit by lifting water from surplus basins and provides real-time operation insights on lift schemes related information on web through GIS and MIS dashboard.

Client name

Govt. Of Telangana

Problem Statement

A massive lift scheme operations where it was critical to identify the stress and operational intelligence in real-time to be productive as well as cost effective. 

Solution Offered

Leveraging IoT, AI and remote sensing to identify real-time stress as well as  availability of water in surplus and deficit regions. The system enables complete planning of end to end water transfer starting from origin till canal level optimization. 


GIS based visibility of each lift scheme till the last link level, simulation & dashboards displayed real-time scenarios which helped authorities take smart decisions, proper water allocation to each demand block, pump and reservoir operation targets with KPI fulfilment resulted in optimization of time and resources. 


Actionable advisories resulted in efficient management of lift scheme operations, increased productivity with real-time lift scheme operations management and smart operations reduced dependency on manual efforts hence, cost optimization.