Technologies Used

GIS, Remote sensing, AI 

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NCA- River Basin Optimization

Empowering river basin optimization to leverage sustainable water use management by minimizing water losses.

Client name

Narmada Control Authority

Problem Statement

With increase in flood damages, irrigation deficits, unnecessary releases, environmental flow deficits and other constraints such as relative deficit, reservoir storage constraints, evaporation constraints, canal outflow constraints, maximum canal & channel capacities etc. demands an optimal way of operating a basin, by taking into account these operational constraints. 

Solution Offered

This module enables decision making related to future water use which leverages application as a seasonal operational tool for current basin operation and water use management. The system aims at reducing the impact of floods, minimizing the deficit in the basin, avoiding unnecessary water losses enabling sharing of water among different stakeholders with the most-effective allocation and management. 


Defined river and tributaries connectivity, proper reservoir storage structures resulted in optimized water equity. Efficient irrigation canal system with flow data, demonstrated performances of basin operations leading to effective water resource management minimizing deficits.  


Unnecessary releases were controlled, minimized irrigation deficit,  smart allocation and management catered to optimized water equity. Increase in storage capacity led to efficient water use management.