Technologies Used


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Leveraging AI/ML with weather data and forecast to overcome Pest infestation to improve crop health

Client name

Department of Agriculture, Andhra Pradesh

Problem Statement

Pest and diseases adversely affect the yield of the crop which results in the losses making it imperative to identify pests which are most likely to attack the crop. Moreover, lack of prompt actions worsens the condition and deteriorates the crop health.

Solution Offered

The solution incorporates development of pest models that take into account current weather, forecasted weather, crop phenology, stage of the crop and favorable conditions for pest or disease to thrive and raise advisories to appropriate farmers and Agriculture field officers who planned interventions to protect the crops from the pest or disease attack.


A system assisting with a week advance real time Pest infestation warning giving sufficient time to mitigate the risk.


800k hectares alerted for Pest/Disease Infestation and prevented economic loss due to Pink Bollworm & Fall Army Worm for cotton crop.