Technologies Used


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Enabling smart and efficient reservoir management through moderating reservoir flows using latest technologies 

Client name

Government of Andhra Pradesh

Problem Statement

Efficient reservoir functioning is ensured by moderating the reservoir flow as and when is required. Inability to abide by the handbook perfect operations results in the unnecessary losses, increases flood risks and vulnerability in meeting requirements which overall reduces the effectiveness hampering the multiple purposes like irrigation, minimizing deficit sharing etc.

Solution Offered

Developed a system with a consolidated dashboard rendering holistic visibility into the reservoir operational insights, rule curve, rainfall trend and inflow forecasts etc. which further helps to compute inflows to the reservoir based on various variables like upstream release, rainfall and run-off, self catchment yields which helps in proper optimization of reservoir outflows by understanding release with respect to floods, irrigation, hydropower etc.


An efficient system with detailed reservoir specific information assisting with a decision support system enabling reservoir authorities to achieve handbook perfect operations which aids in mitigating the risk of floods


The solution helped in deficit sharing, minimizing the flood losses and ensuring optimum productivity by providing means to transparent governance for reservoir operations