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Smart City Geoportal

A unified Geo-spatial decision support platform that helps administrators to improve effectiveness and transparency in city administration.

Client name

Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

Problem Statement

Managing a developing city comes with a lot of integrated tasks so huge inefficiencies are present in the cities that involve complex interactions from resource use, to consumption and waste. Limited decision support tools and no spatial decision support for all the urban bodies leads to inefficiencies in decision making hence, there is poor reporting and accounting of mechanisms that reduces scope for automation. 

Solution Offered

The Smart city module empowers effective municipal administrations and urban development activities by providing unified solutions for varied applications such as water charges, property taxes, road quality assessment etc. This geospatial decision support system helps administrators in efficient city governance ensuring public welfare. 


One authoritative system of record used by application specific geoportals to unify data empowering location intelligence, productivity assessments and leverage standardized processes across urban local bodies. Smart monitoring of SLA performances for all the generated grievances leading to timely delivery of citizen services. 


The revenue dashboard helped in improving the property tax collections of the state from the previous financial year. There was an 86% increase in SLA Compliance on the requests raised by citizens as a result of the efficient monitoring by the department through Grievance redressal Dashboard.