Technologies Used

AI, Analytics 

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Smart Education

Enabling visibility to filter data of students on various parameters and provide actionable insights to improve their performance.

Client name

Government of Andhra Pradesh

Problem Statement

Severe scarcity of experienced teachers and non-standardized teaching methodologies leads to inefficient assessment of a student’s performance and manual interventions come with biases so a technological solution is required to make available the best teaching modules that minimizes errors  and provides standardized content for students. 

Solution Offered

The student performance assessment system brings visibility and ability to filter data of tens of millions of students on different parameters. Provides actionable insights through interventions which helps students improve their performance and outcome. The solution avails the best of teaching methodologies and standardized content for both teachers and students. Administrative modules to upload, edit, quality control and manage the content, support for different content types like videos, PPT’s, PDF’s, documents etc.


Student assessments bucketed in accordance with grade categories. Periodical peer analysis, student-teacher interventions and proper performance tracking to understand trends. Uploading and managing standardized digital content for different classes and subjects. Adaptive learning tests the student based on the ability of the individual student and progressively improves the performance of the student. Continuous monitoring of performance through digital classroom and  track outcome.


Continuous assessments resulted in better performance conversion by the students. Smart methodologies reduced manual interventions saving the time of both teachers as well as students.