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Truck Delivery

This system tracks delivery of all grocery trucks and also provides decision support to identify available parking spots for the drivers

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Problem Statement

Tracking deliveries becomes tedious for industries when many supply chains are at play which can result in inefficiency and loss in productivity delaying deliveries. 

Solution Offered

Real time tracking of vehicles along with the analytics intgrated in a single dashboard at fleet level or specific geography level granularity. The module provides smart decision Support for showing available parking spots just before the driver arrives at a delivery location.


The portable architecture enabled integration of real time parking data and the location of the truck onto an intuitive dashboard. The dashboard also performs various analytics such as Delivery Score, No. of parcels delivered, Avg. Time Spent at Customer location, Utilization of Vehicles, Tracking of vehicles with a timestamp of status of each delivery van and its statistics of delivery, non-delivery, parking etc.


Integrated module leveraged unified visibility of all truck delivery related activities which ensured productivity and tracked real time performances that showed increase in efficiency.