Technologies Used

GIS, Remote sensing, AI 

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Water Spread Area Monitoring

Leveraging remote sensing based real-time monitoring of water coverage for efficient water resource management 

Client name

Govt of Telangana

Problem Statement

Water resources are getting adversely affected, increased water loss, decreased optimization of water bodies all of these directly affects our ecosystem so protecting them with continuous monitoring is a vitality that ensures availability of water up-to its storage capacity, cites unauthorized use and plans water conservation. 

Solution Offered

This module provides actionable insights by estimating water spread area coverage with real-time monitoring of water bodies using remote sensing technology. The system enables proper assessment of water storage capacity and unauthorized use which leverages smart decision support to enhance sustainability. 


Satellite based assessment showcases the extent of the surface water spread, estimation helps in citing irrigation potential/infrastructure, timeline comparison showcases change in water levels within a period, spatial information leverages smart decision support with actionable insights that empowers authorities in efficient management of water resources. 


Smart monitoring of water coverage helped in efficient  water conservation and irrigation planning. Effective assessment of water resources increased water security.