Technologies Used

GIS, Remote sensing, AI

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Water Supply Planning

Leveraging last mile water distribution planning by considering all the constraints to identify optimal water networks from source to habitat and bridge the gap between water demand-supply. 

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Problem Statement

Today economic growth and a drying climate are major challenges for water supply development which widens the gap between demand-supply resulting in inefficiency of water supply. 

Solution Offered

The solution assists in water supply planning from the source to habitat using hydrological and geological assessment with focus on water demand mapping, minimizing the crossings, increasing source reliability, optimizing pipeline routings, enabling use of gravity over pumping to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 


House level demand mapping with an optimized path planning. Identification of reliable water source leveraged effective water management, aids in pipeline routing for raw/clear water that avails last mile visibility on water connectivity resulting in cost minimization.  


Adequate amount of water supply minimized the gap between demand-supply. Unified visibility of water networks helped decision makers in leveraging efficient distribution planning.