Geospatial Informatics

Geospatial Informatics brings together data in silos across Enterprise onto a cloud enabled GIS Platform and provides a platform to build custom decision support solutions.

GIS Web Analytics : GIS Web Analytics Solution brings disparate data sources in silos across an enterprise onto a cloud enabled web platform and make the data available via web interface. Vassar Labs also builds custom spatial decision support solutions to perform different analytics on the combined dataset on a Big Data system.

Drone and Satellite Data Analytics: Drone and Satellite Data Analytics Satellite and Drone data needs to be periodically processed and analytics done to understand temporal and other changes. Vassar Labs offers services to help customer perform analytics to understand their assets better by building custom solutions to get valuable insights from Satellite and Drone data.

Support : Enterprise grade maintenance and support for open source GIS software.

Digitization of data: Vassar team can work with survey data from the customer, satellite data and other relevant data sources to digitize the data and build thematic maps.